RUN don’t walk to see this film…

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People often ask me about the films I like – or the films I’d like to make some day…

If I ever get to make a film half this good in my career – I’ll be a fulfilled filmmaker.

This will not be for everyone – it couldn’t be more opposite than Iron Man 2 on so many levels – and it has subtitles!  (gasp!)   but there’s a reason this won an Academy Award.   The story, the directing, the acting, the subtlety make this movie an absolute gem in my book.


It always comes down to a strong story/screenplay in my book… add a terrific cast and crew around it – and you get this:

Big name U.S./Hollywood stars,  wonderful lighting, CGI, fancy camerawork, amazing special effects abound in films these days   – if you need an antidote to that I think you’ll find it within this film.    I’m only sorry it took this long for me to see it.  It’s obviously gotten quite a lot of praise (Academy Award for best foreign film 2010) but if you’ve yet to see it – GO.