3 Day HDDSLR Workshop now available for download!

This past weekend something very special happened.  As you may know, the crew at Creative Live, Chase Jarvis, and I engaged in a very interesting educational and social networking experiment.

Our goal was to stream a three day live workshop over the internet and gauge the response- and frankly to see if we could pull it off technically.   By most measures, if not all, it was an incredible success as close to 100,000 (of which 48,000 were confirmed to be unique visitors) joined us from all over the globe.

I, for one, was amazed with the fact that people tuned in from the Himalayas, Australia, Asia, Europe and in between – often in the middle of the night due to the time zone difference.  What struck me even more, was that many of the same people stayed tuned in for all three days!

I’d like to that all the viewers and the crew that worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this experiment a success.

I wanted to announce that the resulting three days of raw footage has just been made available on the creativeLIVE site!

Here are some quotes from people who tuned in, as well as a few links below to reviews on the web:

Review 1, Review 2 & Review 3

playdorsey “Absolutely AWESOME 3 days, full of information, humor, surprises and high high energy. Bravo to Vince, creativeLIVE, and everyone who helped to make this happen. Groundbreaking model that breaks down barriers, borders and opens the doors to learning for all. Thank you to ALL!!!”

mib_uw776x I have spent a lot more for so much less. Great Job. Look forward to future classes.”

michael_levin “i’m a video pro and this little discussion is giving me hope about the future”

ib_gqxv7q “Thanks all for a great weekend experience – high quality knowledge delivered for a large body of viewers. Impressive!”

Delfer_DK “I can honestly say, the advice given this weekend, will save me thousands and thousands of dollars in time saved, over the years to come. This workshop has been absolutely [exhilarating], and being a [photographer] in Denmark, I would NEVER have had the opportunity to sit through a masterclass like this, had it not been for creativeLIVE and crew! Thank you SO much!!”

Review 1 from thetechnofile excerpt below:

“Despite its ambitiousness, the event was a big success, attracting, on its first day, an audience of almost fifty thousand, from all over the world, many of whom (including myself) spent the whole weekend watching. If you missed it, you can purchase a download of the full three day event from the Creative Live website, something I would highly recommended doing.”

Review 2 from human two point x excerpt below:

“The content of the three-day course is challenging and extensive. My fellow classmates, literally thousandsfrom around the globe, are simultaneously captivated and engaged as the class is streamed live around the world. And everyone is participating, working together to not only ask the right questions but to answer them.

Take note! Expertise of this quickly evolving subject area is collectively assembling all around all of the instructors, assistants and learners as we all learn together.

Is this how we will all learn in the future (I mean, the present)?

Equally significant, the manner in which the class is delivered is as technologically advanced and sound as is the content of the course I’m taking. Simple, easy-to-use, expert instructor-led, live students working on set in a hands-on way — all meticulously planned, bundled, and served through powerfully organized and compelling media technology.

I’m even working hands-on with my trusty Canon 7D when my online instructor asks me to…”

Review 3 fromOn The Road to Being a DPexcerpt below:

“When I first heard this was a free workshop I was a little skeptical. We have all seen free ‘training’ videos for production and although they may have some good information we realize why they are free. Well, anyone who didn’t see Vincent’s workshop needs to go ahead and buy it from CreativeLive (it was free when it was live). If you don’t have the money, sell something you don’t use on Craigslist or Ebay. Here is why…”

Also – for a behind the scenes take on this workshop from one of the students – click here.

So thanks again – for checking us out this weekend, to all of the volunteers, and for the great posts and comments.   Again – if you’re interested in purchasing the online download (the event was free while it was being streamed live, and now is available for sale) please check out the following link.