CreativeLIVE Online Workshop on HDDSLR Cinema

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I’m teaming up with my friend Chase Jarvis as he works with CreativeLIVE to bring you the world’s first LIVE creative education internet channel.   I’ll be sharing as much information about HDDSLR Cinema as possible from Friday April 30 through Sunday May 2nd – LIVE. My goal is to give the most comprehensive overview of HDDSLR cinema out there today – while making sure that everyone gets something out of this workshop regardless of their background.

Here is the course description:

“In this course, first time filmmakers and photographers making the transition into video will be introduced to many of the core building blocks necessary to make their first short films.

We will discuss a small amount of cinema theory and we will also look into different types of gear that will allow you to pull off more consistent results with HDDSLR Cameras.

We will discuss the use of a variety of lenses, fluid heads, external monitors, follow focus units, JIBs and Sliders . Students will come away from this online workshop with a good understanding of what tools they need for their productions, and when and how to best use them.”

How much for this information ?

It’s FREE.  Yep – just come visit CreativeLIVE’s website during that time period and sit back and watch.  I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to throw questions at me as well.

What’s the catch?  Well there is none.   The way CreativeLIVE pays for all of the technology/staff/effort is to make recordings of these sessions in their entirety – available for a small fee – (the exact fee is going to be announced soon – but expect it to be less than a single hotel night’s stay at a hotel…) to download to whatever device you’d like to watch the content on whatever device you’d like to see it on.  Remember  – if you’re available to be there during the live broadcast – it won’t cost you a penny.   I think that’s a pretty fair deal for everyone.

I think this is a fantastic effort by Chase and CreativeLIVE and really would love to see this movement take off the way I think it can.

As some of you know – I’ve been fortunate enough to get a chance to fly around the world to lecture on some of my work, as well as to lead workshops on HDDSLR video, over the past decade.   While nothing will ever replace the one on one time with students – I always thought there had to be a better way to share information with more than 20-100 people at a time… I think and hope this is it.   You don’t have to pay for airfare, lodging, and the workshop – and I don’t have to fly around the world away from my family – this is a WIN WIN.  And people from around the world can benefit which is fantastic.

I hope you can drop in on the workshop via the web.   I’ll be putting up a more detailed schedule up shortly as well so that you can plan to drop in at the most relevant times (depending on what I’m covering.)

I’m stoked on this one – and I am going to put a lot of work into making this something well worth your time!

Oh – and I almost forgot – I’m NOT ALONE:   David DuCheminZack AriasScott Bourne, Art Wolfe are also diving head first into this.