Finally! 24 fps on the Canon EOS 5D MKII

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Finally – it’s available – 24 fps on the Canon EOS 5D MKII.

So many of us have been waiting well over one year for this to happen.

So now one might ask:  which camera should I use?  The Canon EOS 5D MKII, The Canon EOS 1D MKIV, or the Canon 7D?

Well  – as usually is the case – there isn’t a clear answer…

The Canon 5D MKII would be the clear choice for me BUT for two things:

Both the 7D  and 1D MKIV offer two very important options – they allow you to shoot 60 fps at 720p (which is great for slow motion footage) but more importantly – they offer a consistent output via the HDMI-out port – from the time you are previewing to the time you hit “record.”   This is not the case with the 5D MKII – which outputs a lower resolution output (of around 480p) when you hit the record button.

To some – this may not be a big deal – but if you are using external monitors, or the IDX Camwave wireless video transmitters for example – you will see the monitors jump each time (go blue) you hit record.  The IDX Camwaves often lose their wireless signal altogether at times.  More importantly – achieving critical focus on the 5D MKII while it’s recording – is significantly more difficult for this reason – if not impossible.   The output resolution while recording is simply too low to achieve critical focus in my opinion.

Therefore – and this is definitely ironic – the camera with the largest sensor (and least depth of field) – is the toughest to focus while you’re filming.