Excellent Post on Grading

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I just wanted to point you to an excellent post by friend/colleague Stu Maschwitz on his ProLost blog.

Stu knows filmmaking.   Stu knows directing (he collaborated with me on Nocturne and graded the short as well.)   Stu knows special FX.  Stu rules – and he’s a wiz not only at producing films- but also on the post process.  Stu was the senior visual effects supervisor on The Spirit and others for example… and I check his Prolost blog daily.

Stu has also worked on Red Giant’s software’s Magic Bullet Colorista (which is a pretty rockin’ grading suite – especially if you don’t already own Final Cut Studios’ grading software Color)  amongst other things as well and I think his latest blog post is not to be missed by anyone who is interested in grading.  (For still photographers – “grading” is the word video/film folks use to refer to what we call “color correction” or “toning.”

Enjoy the read.   And check out Stu’s book as well.

And since I’m plugging Stu to death – I might as well mention that he’s also one of the judges on the Canon & Vimeo film contest “Beyond The Still.” We’re looking to announce the top 5 finalists within the next 48 hours for the first chapter of the competition… stay tuned for more on that here soon.

Lastly – if you’re looking into getting into grading your video – I’ll point you to one of the best resources to learning Apple FCP’s Color software – here at Ripple Training.  Best $100 you’ll spend in terms of making your video look exponentially better in my opinion…

Also – Bron has a blog that I just became aware of that is worth checking out – I’m a huge fan of their Para Soft lights.

Finally a very interesting post on Stockland Martel’s Blog on an ASMP survey that finds that by 2012 “90% of Internet Content will be motion video.” hmmm… Not sure it’s going to be that high… BUT – it’s definitely going that way for sure.