Upcoming Workshop in DUBAI

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I wanted to make sure you knew of an upcoming workshop that I am preparing for in Dubai in a little over two weeks from now – The Gulf Photo Plus workshops.

I will be working with a group of students in and around Dubai to produce a series of short films/spec ads with the latest HDDSLR Cameras and accesories from March 1-6.  I’ll be bringing my entire bag of tricks (as much as I can get on a plane without getting killed with excess baggage charges!) in terms of gear – from RedRock Micro, Marshall Electronics, Viewfactor, Bogen, IDX, Microdolly, PortaJib, Zeiss and on and on…

I will be joining 11 international world class photographers who will be teaching photography and video workshops and delivering seminars during the 6 day event. Joe McNally,  David Hobby (The Strobist), Joey L, Melissa Rodwell, Zack Arias, Bobbi Lane and more more will be sharing their expertise in what promises to be a pretty awesome week.

For more information, visit http://www.gulfphotoplus.com

You can also read David Hobby’s post about the workshops here and learn a bit more about the workshops and what you can expect to experience there.