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Hey – let me be honest here for a moment:  I’ve always been a bit skeptical about the value of promoting oneself on one’s blog.  That probably is why I was more than a year late to both the blogging thing and then yet another year late to Twitter party…

That being said,  when you can harness the power of the web to either: a. share with others or  to b. even better, to help others – then I’m totally sold on the concept.

A few weeks ago someone I had just met called me out of the blue.  While we were far from longtime friends  – what she needed to share with me was clearly pretty heavy.  I’ve been a photojournalist for most of my life and I can tell pretty easily when someone is having a tough time sharing something with me – so I pretty much cut her off to try to ease the difficulty for both of us…

“What’s up?”  I interrupted…

“My ____ found out she has cancer and …”

“Ok – no problem” I interrupted ” How can I help?”

The best thing about the web and/or art – is that it can take on a much bigger meaning than you / your initial intent ever purported to do.  Art can exceed our intent as mere artists – and it can  (or perhaps other people’s interpretations can)  lead to things that we (as artists) never even dared to imagine.

I can say that one of the best parts of being an “artist” is to have a total stranger see something in what you (the artist) created, that you yourself never could have imagined or thought of yourself when you first engaged in the act of making the piece that they are interpreting.  And if that person themselves is not what some would consider to be “an artist” themselves – I’ll admit to finding this entire process even more fascinating… I’m not even sure I’m making any sense but here’s what I do know:

You know what’s better?  When that same piece of “art” (a.k.a.: your photograph) can somehow benefit someone else.

In short: please check out the following link:

Should you ( or anyone you know)  purchase a print, I can pretty much guarantee it will make a big difference in someone else’s life.


So check it out – and share the link –  And help someone else get through a difficult period of their lives.

p.s.:  On a totally separate note:  I am extremely excited to help launch the Canon & Vimeo film contest in less than 48 hours from now.  The intent of this contest was pretty simple:  to find a way to let OTHER people partake in this crazy HD DSLR filmmaking thing.   I hope that you will appreciate the little video that I shot to launch the contest, and that more importantly:  you feel that you can push yourselves to take the contest and the following chapters to new heights.   The purpose of this contest is to help spread the excitement amongst all of YOU.   To make everyone feel like you/they/we  can partake in this technological paradigm shift.

To be clear: I think it’s safe to assume that these relatively new HD DSLRs cameras will likely NOT change Hollywood films overnight – BUT – they might just help make filmmaking more accessible to the future generations of filmmakers.  Hopefully we will find that the next generation of filmmakers will no longer be judged by their access to fancy Hollywood filmmaking toys – but instead that they will be judged by their ideas and vision (uninhibited by technological limitations.)

I’ll definitely admit to being a bit of an idealist, but I think that this new technology can help to level the playing field – and enable the yet  undiscovered talent to spread their wings – based on their creativity – and not their access to fancy toys…

I guess time will tell…

For now – check this out if you’re interested in any of what I’m sayin’.