Meet Alpha and Beta (AKA: Cool Prototype Toyz)

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Mystery Gear...

Mystery Gear...

I sometimes wonder if it’s fair to others to share some cool stuff that’s being worked on – without giving them all of the details.   Definitely feels like a bit of a tease for sure.

Then I remind myself of how excited I feel about these things and how a smile is plastered on my face when I get to work with people on these things,  and I’m hoping to share some of that glee with others – albeit without ALL of the information.

Here is a collection of such pictures of prototypes that you’ll see out in the market prior to NAB.

I obviously can’t tell you exactly what these things do, what they will cost, exactly when they will be available – but I have gotten clearance from the people working on them to share these with you w/o a single additional word.  Hopefully you can take it for what it’s worth – and let your imaginations run wild.  I know my imagination is exploding to think of what you all will be able to do with this stuff once it becomes available!  Note that there are many companies working on these types of solutions at once – so it’s an exciting time.

I’m gearing up for a big shoot tonight and tomorrow night in LA and hope to be sharing more about the reason behind the shoot and how it involves you within a week from now.

Other known and mystery gear - everything build around the RedRock Micro System which is proving to be the skeleton for all add-ons these days.

Here are two of the more "built" up solution - one on the steel rods from RedRock Micro - and the other on the lighter newer carbon fiber rods from RedRock Micro. You'll notice Marshall monitors, IDX Camwave transmitters and some other cool stuff that I'll get into more detail soon.