Beautiful Things

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Jim Denevan's 2009 Land Drawing in Nevada is pretty gorgeous - shot by Peter Hinson.

I wanted to point out some pretty powerful artwork by Jim Denevan.

Truth be told – Jim contacted me a few months ago and asked if I might be interested in coming out to document some of his works from the air and I had a work conflict and could not make it.  I have to say that I regret not being able to make it now even more as I see how beautifully it turned out  – shot here by Peter Hinson.

Check out their work here – and enjoy what is a very very cool way to express oneself – and something that even “the Gods” would enjoy from above I’m sure.

As someone who does a fair bit of aerial work – this is a feast for my eyes.

p.s. anyone who rides around in Elvis’ old bus – doubly cool by my standards.