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Help Portrait

Here’s a fantastic project that Jeremy Cowart is starting up that leverages the power of social networking and of photography. Chase Jarvis linked to a post from Scott Kelby’s blog and I immediately signed up today.

It’s called – and I’d like you to consider being part of it on December 12th.

Jeremy is a graphic-designer who switched to photography full time in 2005 – and he’s done some pretty fantastic work during that period of time.   I’m particularly impressed with the fact that he understands an often missed lesson that every photojournalist comes to understand at some point in their career:  Photographs are often not about YOU – but about the people/places/events you photograph.

My favorite quote from Jeremy:

“We don’t want to see your photos… this isn’t about you, or me, or portfolios…or lighting… this is about GIVING pictures- not TAKING THEM… it’s about… connecting…sharing – and most of all sefving for the pure sake of serving – it’s about helping people see the beauty of who they are…”

Please watch the video to find out more about the project and its goals.   Jeremy says this is not “just about pictures” and that they’re looking for makeup artists, web designers, videographers – you name it.  While I’m happy to contribute whatever they would like me to contribute on December 12th – I’d love to produce a small video if anyone would like to join me to help form a team locally.  Just post in the comments below and maybe we’ll do what Jeremy suggest: form a small group (or large) group locally here in LA.  The sky’s the limit with this stuff.

If there are any sponsors perusing through this site – pls let me know if you’d like to help in this effort.

Looking forward to December 12th!

And to those who want to find a yet another way to give back through photography – here’s another group run by a friend (Michael Muller) that I am also happy to be a part of – a fantastic organization:  Kids Clicking Kids – please check it out!