$100 for a Canon 5D MKII?

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Sorry – couldn’t resist this one.

A good friend e-mailed this to me today and it’s so cool that I had to post it.  (Try this link should the eBay listing go offline.)

Apparently the Hong Kong Canon Club had these limited edition 4GB USB flash drives made in the shape of the Canon 5D MKII with a 24~105mm lens.

I can’t help but appreciate the level of intricacy of this – not to mention the cool idea.

The only catch:  they’re probably as difficult to get – if not more – than a real 5D MKII.  Apparently orders for the real 5D MKII were starting to catch up to demand – and then the new firmware was announced and they’re once again back-ordered.

Speaking of gadgets – I have a few posts lined up to discuss some of the gadgets that I’ve been playing with over the past few months.  I’m waiting to get some of the material and to do a bit of video editing – but hope to have something up within the week.