All Good in LaLa Land

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Downtown Los Angeles - 5D MKII Infrared image with 24mm Tilt Shift Lens- ©2009 Vincent Laforet (5D MKII converted to infrared by )

We’ve made it to Los Angeles – and all is going absolutely great.   I started the day on a music video set this morning (the dressing room upstairs was set up in a production studio where S&M movies are shot – complete with Y shaped beds suspended from the ceiling with chains – definitely felt like “LA”) and later in the afternoon I was helping out a friend with some time lapse photography for an Audi commercial being shot in downtown Los Angeles.

I’ve been meeting some really cool people out here – many of them just as fascinated as I am with new gear and things that “have never been done before.”  The shot to the left is a digital infrared shot with a 5D MKII and the new 24mm T/S from Canon from this afternoon.

On a personal note, my daughter Eliana Lanai Laforet (aka “LaLa”) was born seven weeks ago and is absolutely amazing.  We’re almost done unpacking and we’re really liking the vibe in Manhattan Beach – I hear it’s rained 15 out of the last 19 days back in New York City!

Anyway – I do plan to start posting again here now that things are settled down a bit – but I suggest you subscribe to this blog from this point on – as you’ll be automatically notified when something new is posted.

Downtown Los Angeles - after sunset - Canon 24 mm Tilt Shift lens - ©2009 Vincent Laforet

The long and short of it is that between the move, the new baby and work – I’m finding less and less time to post regularly.  The other issue is that I’m finding that many of the new jobs / productions I work on don’t really allow me to post for weeks or months until they’re completed – just something that goes with the territory and is expected of course. By the time I’m cleared to share photos/clips/info,  I more often than not find myself working on something altogether new and forget to write about what I did weeks ago.  I’ll try to get better at this.   For example, today’s production mounted an Arriflex 50mm Anamorphic lens to a 5D MKII – it was a pretty amazing sight!   I’d love to share some pix of the rig or even some of the footage with you of course – but can’t for obvious reasons (the commercial has to come out first!)  So stay tuned – or more to the point: subscribed.

Note:  The Canon 5D MKII that took the first image was converted to IR by