Manhattan + Beach

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Los Angeles ©Vincent Laforet

Los Angeles ©Vincent Laforet

Well it looks like I finally made one of my dreams come true.  After months of being pulled to the west coast for various projects – I’ve decided to become bi-coastal and to move my family to Los Angeles.  This summer we will officially have a base in Manhattan, as well as Manhattan Beach!  

My wife and I have decided that raising babies on the sand is more enticing than being cooped up in the dead of winter.   Please understand one thing: my love affair with New York City and the way it photographs from above is far from over – we will be maintaining a “pied a terre” as well as an office space here in the city and I wouldn’t be surprised to find myself working here more than I do now!

I’m very excited to continue branching out into the film/video/commercial world and finding new ways to implement the new DSLR technologies and digital cinema cameras in upcoming projects.  This expansion will give me a much greater chance of working with pioneers in that industry – I’ve certainly racked up my fair share of frequent flyer miles flying out west this year. 

Now you can probably understand why I’ve been relatively quiet since posting the Jamie O’Brien project – we’ve been busy working out all of the details of this move – not to mention that we’re expecting our second child within the next few weeks!  I have a lot of ideas and posts that I’ve been holding back amidst all of these changes along with my crazy travel schedule  – I hope to be able to share more with you in the next few days.

As crazy as these times may be – I think that taking a chance with change keeps the creative fluids flowing!  It makes me feel like I’m 34 – not 64… the last big change I made was leaving my staff job at The New York Times a little over 3 years ago – and what a ride it’s been!

(P.S.: Not one person mention a single thing about traffic!  Or you’ll burst my little bubble… Manhattan Beach is a little over 10 minutes away from LAX – so this is definitely thought out… I can hear the laughter from afar… )