All “A” OK

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So I’ve gotten 5 e-mails from friends in the past 2 days  asking me if I as “OK.”  Yes the blog has been very very quiet – it’s been almost a month – believe me I know.   The reason:  well I’ve been busy working on the post-production of the Jamie O’Brien piece – trying to work on two different edits simultaneously.  For those of you involved in video/film – I’m sure you can relate on how much time post takes w/ the moving image relative to the still image.    I’ve also been busy returning a lot of loaner gear (some of it just made it back last week in fact) and billing, not to mention covering Obama’s inauguration for TIME magazine, and bidding on jobs including one that involved 19 cast & crew.  

Oh and my wife is also very pregnant (29 weeks to be exact) – so a lot of my free time that I would put towards the blog is being transfered to spending some much needed time my 4-year-old son and wife.  

My favorite new thing is falling asleep in my son’s bunk bed as we read books each night – which means I no longer run off to the computer every night to write blog posts…  

So please be patient with me – I’m sorry for the silence – and thanks for the concern.   There’s actually nothing at all to be concerned about!