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I just got back from the EOL APA event that took place in Los Angeles last night – and it was pretty fantastic.  It was well worth the cross country round-trip.  

There seemed to be great interest out there on behalf of photographers who were contemplating making the jump into video/film.   While there is a lot to learn in terms of the nuances between shooting a still vs. moving image – I think that one of the biggest hurdles for most will be post production.

Therefore  I wanted to let you in on my little secret:  Ripple Training.    I met Steve Martin (the person behind Ripple Training) two years ago at NAB – we were both there as guest speakers for Apple – at the time he was helping to announce Final Cut Studio 2, and I was there to talk about Aperture and my experience with it.   Steve and a few of the other experts out there (many of them the actual product managers for many of the Apple apps) gave me one on one training during the lengthy breaks back stage – and you’d figure that with that kind of tutelage that I’d be an expert at these apps by now… but I can tell you that there’s ALWAYS more to learn.

As I find myself jumping into video/film now – I felt that I needed a refresher course and a more in depth understanding of workflow etc.  I’m not a big fan of books – they’re often too bulky to travel with – and I just love video tutorials.   I found myself asking quite a few friends who work at/with Apple where the best source for such information could be found – and quite a few of them kept sending me back to Steve’s Ripple Training series.    (Note: I use Apple’s Final’s Cut Studio 2 to cut/grade/export my video – and the Ripple Training series focuses on that product.)

Here is a photo of the turnout at the APA event.  Photo courtesy of Thomas McConville

Here is a photo of the turnout at the APA event. Photo courtesy of Thomas McConville

In short – whether this is your first time working with Final Cut Studio (or just one of the many individual apps contained within the suite such as Final Cut Pro, Color, Compressor, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro or Motion) or you’ve already got a good understanding of them – I do think that you’ll likely benefit from this series.   You can download these lessons right now from iTunes or order a DVD.   While there are many excellent sources out there, this simply put is what I use and learn from myself – and I recommend this series without any reservations because I think it will benefit almost anyone – regardless of where they are starting at in terms of their level of expertise.  

What Steve does so uncannily well, is that he makes the lessons applicable both to people without much experience, and still finds a way to give an incredibly solid and in depth look into these apps – on key details that many pros may have missed.  And he finds a way to do so without making it too easy or too difficult for anyone – something that is incredibly difficult to do for any instructor.  

Here are some links for the iTunes podcasts for you to look into:

Getting Started in Final Cut Pro iTunes Edition
Sound Editing and Mastering in Soundtrack Pro
Motion 3 Fast Forward iTunes Edition
Color Grading in Color iTunes Edition
Up & Running in Compressor 3 iTunes Edition

As I mentioned you can also buy these as DVD sets at Ripple Training  – but I much prefer to watch these on my laptop on a flight, or on my AppleTV.  I’ll leave you with this final example, when I jumped into Color – I was fortunate enough to have one of the top people behind Color give me one-on-one instruction over 2-3 nights via iChat screen sharing….  I basically got the very best private tutorial one could wish for – yet I still learned a heck of a lot when I ran through the Ripple Training series – and I think that says a lot.