Internship Update – it’s on!

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To some these may just like a series of tubes… to one lucky person, these prints will help you land an internship… (and get paid! I’m not a big believer in unpaid internships…)

At this point we’ve raised enough to go ahead and say the internship will happen!

I’m working on a few more details that I’ll announce soon – and since this is a blog – I think I can get away with saying: check in soon… as opposed to waiting and waiting on all of the details to come together. (Including how to apply etc… soon..ok soon! Within a week most likely.)

 For those of you who ordered prints – THANK YOU!  all of your proceeds will help someone learn (hopefully…)  Here were some of the print rolls today – prior to being shipped out – that’s actually the main reason for my putting this post up tonight!  They’re on their way to you now (had to wait to get all orders together and do a big print job, signing, packaging and shipping to save time… and I had to be in town to sign them in person of course – that was actually the main hold up – I’ve been on the road for close to 9 weeks…)

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about – look at the post here or below.    The sale from these prints will contribute to a student’s paid internship -all profits* from the sale of these prints will go directly into an intern’s pocket.  Act fast as these prints become limited edition prints on December 8th – and sell at a much greater price!  (*after the cost of paper, ink and shipping is deducted)

(NB: for those astute people watching – some of the prints sizes have been discontinued for a number of reasons… and the prices have indeed gone up a bit.)