Cool NYT Piece demonstrates one potential future of multimedia

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Check out this great use of multimedia by photographer Robbie Cooper.  This demonstrates where I think one of the directions that I think journalism should be headed – a true mix of different media (or multiple uses of the same media as we see here – pulling stills from the RED camera.)   The fact that this is very well shot (great light etc) and fun to watch doesn’t hurt either – not to mentions that it’s a fantastic concept.

I’m on the road and don’t have my NYTimes Magazine here – but I can’t wait to see what the stills look like in the mag (they’re off of the RED video camera.)  I haven’t heard good things about the quality of stills off of the RED to date – but I’m looking forward to being pleasantly surprised.  They sure look more than good enough for the web (I’d say fantastic.)  

(VIA PDNPulse)