Carpe Diem & Family

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Had a really close call with a very very close family member today – as close as it gets.    Could have been fatal – but turned out ok.  Head traumas are so dangerous, and when mixed with internal bleeding can turn on a dime.  

Any way.  All is good.  Everyone is fine. (Broken skulls excluded.)

Things have been incredibly busy for me over the past few weeks – and the outlook for things has been awesome.  And just like that all could have come crashing down.

I’m being cryptic on purpose because I really don’t want to get into personal matters on a public forum.

The point of this post  is simply to remind me (and you) to always keep an eye on what is important in life: family, friends – and all else is far secondary – if even on the radar.   Be safe out there.  Always make a point to “seize the day,” but make more of a point to spend as much time with your loved ones – no matter how crazy busy you are.

Being busy is a voluntary thing.   So is spending time with family.  Make a point of doing the latter.  

Family and friends are all that matter in the end.  


(No probing comments please on this post.)