Workshop a success – Platon Audio coming

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The Eddie Adams Workshop was a great success.  I’m sure everyone came out of it having learned something very special – I know that I did.    We’re all trying to catch up on life and work – not to mention rest.   So here’s a quick article from PDN that talks about what we did there.  


I’ve also gotten permission to put up audio of Platon’s speech at the workshop – which is easily one of the best I’ve heard in my years at the workshop – and likely the best speech I’ve ever heard from a “celebrity” photography – although that title diminishes what the man produces – it is just a small part of what Platon does.  I and others were incredibly impressed with his wit, his intelligence – and how approachable he was.   One of my only regrets was not getting time to spend with him at the bar one night – as I was walking past to go do some portfolio reviews, I caught a glimpse of him surrounded by a few students who were soaking his wisdom in.   I have to admit to being quite jealous of those students – I sure hope they didn’t take a single second of that time with him for granted.