Still Images Are Now Available For Download

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You may now find 10 images shot during the filming of “REVERIE” from the prototype Canon 5D MKII Camera at the following link (here.)

All of these images were shot between 1600 ASA and 3200 ASA.   These are in-camera JPEGs with no post production (except for the inclusion of my watermark.)   Therefore it is quite foreseeable that you will get even better quality images once a final production camera becomes available – and once you are able to decode RAW images in DPP, Aperture or your favorite software – designed to better handle and minimize noise.    Although I have to honestly ask:  What Noise????

I think that the excitement over the video – has overshadowed the pretty incredible still image quality at high ASAs – I’ve never seen an image look this clean at 3200 ASA.

These images were shot with the exact same lens, position and timing as the video.  

I remember shooting Kodak’s TMAX 3200 in college – and thinking that was a Godsend for photojournalists…. my how things have changed:  some of these look better than the Kodak Ektapress 100 ASA Color Neg film I used back then as well…

(SPECIAL NOTE:  I have released these images for you to download to your hard drives for evaluation only.  You may share these freely with others with the following terms:  AT NO TIME can these images be used in any media whatsoever without attribution. If you are a web publication – you may not run these images on your website without the following specification – the images must run with the following credit “© Laforet Visuals Inc  – “.  If you are a print publication – please contact me directly to obtain a release to run these images without a watermark at studio (a)