We will be releasing raw video clips from “Reverie” This Friday

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Due to pretty incredible demand and a fair amount of (healthy) skepticism as to whether or not the footage in the “Reverie” piece is “truly” raw out of the camera, we will be releasing a series of raw clips – the exact same clips that were used in the “Reverie” short film –  this coming Friday.  

The H.264 mov files that you will see are straight out of the prototype camera. (You will be able to see that these are indeed raw clips for yourself in the embedded EXIF info) and will prove all of the skeptics wrong – not a single color, tonal, noise, exposure – or ANY adjustment was made to any of the footage at any time.

 It will also allow everyone to enjoy the incredible quality this camera produces in 1080p goodness… the footage is just tasty… savory to be exact – in terms of its technical image quality.

Baring any technical hiccups (these raw clips are each individually larger than the final film itself…) Canon will be hosting these clips and allowing you to download them this coming Friday.   The announcement of their availability will be made on this blog (as mentioned before in previous posts, you can subscribe to this blog via RSS and/or e-mail to be notified as soon as this happens.)

Our initial plan was to release the film at 1080p in it’s entirety – but I personally resisted that for a reason that you might not see at first.  Moby very, very graciously allows independent film makers to use his music (with attribution) as part of their films – with specific limitations.   I also sought out a more direct clearance on my own with him and his record labels on top of that just f.y.i.  

I think that this parctice is incredibly generous of him and speaks highly of his willingness to help other creatives have the chance to the marry their films along with some of the best music out there.   One of the important caveats (and what my lawyer told me) is that at no time can anyone download the film – and more to the point his music – to their hard drives.   Therefore the only way to have allowed you to download the film in its entirety would have forced me to release it out w/o any music or sound – or to use royalty-free music.  Creatively I didn’t want to do that – as I thought that a big part of the short film’s appeal and pacing is owed to Moby’s music. Releasing it w/o music – or someone else’s music – just doesn’t feel right to me.

The fact that the final H.264 compressed 3 minute film takes up over 500MB is the other issue.   To be clear: I will not budge on this issue – so there is not need to write about it, or ask me to share it via bit torrent etc.   The clips should be more than sufficient in allowing everyone to see for themselves – that the video that comes out (raw) from the camera – is stunning.

I’ll have more to share about this project – and upcoming projects within the next few days.    I appreciate your patience.  Please never forget that this was a last minute project – that I produced completely independently (with the helps of some great friends) and that has taken over my life for close to two weeks now.  My excitement for this project stems from the fact that I think that his camera – and the technology within it – will change many of our futures.  I’m proud to be a part of the announcement of this “game changing” technology in some small way.   This has never been (from the onset) about turning a profit  – or making any profit at all for that matter.  

The response and excitement this little video has produced was well worth the 72 hours of my life  – and of the additional effort of getting the film out – to me.  Don’t underestimate how big of a deal it is for Canon to be releasing raw footage from a prototype camera – doing that is definitely not something they normally would ever do.   But the response to this camera and frankly the incredible quality of the prototype footage technically – not to mention the overwhelming response from all of you – has led them to make a big exception.  So stay tuned.  More TK.