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SmugMug has offered to sponsor the making of the next movie and an international search (and/or contest) for the most talented filmmakers, screenwriters, lighting technicians, gaffers, actors – you name it.  

SmugMug has agreed to commit an initial $25,000 right now, plus HD hosting of samples, teasers, submissions from everyone particpating, and the final production.

SmugMug will put up another $25,000 once we’ve proven that we can make this happen – and some other sponsors hopefully jump on board to guarantee that we will have the necessary funding and/or access to resources to make this come together!

Here’s how the next chapter (of this crazy experiment) started:

First – one of the posters on my blog wrote:

There you go, smugmug is onboard… those guys know how to give the camera public what it wants!   Could you not bit torrent the feed aswell? Heck put a $1 download on it for smugmug members – youve already got our card details and make some money for charity while your at it – would be a quick $500,000 made – not to mention the sign ups to smugmug to have a look.”

“Then again you;d get done by canon for profiteering 🙂 ”
Comment by Nicko 09.20.08 @ 9:52 pm

Followed by:

“Vincent, Amazing story, beautiful images, thanks for all the work to share this incredible news with us. A question I immediately had was: did you just have $5,000 to pony up for a “demo” project or is there some way you’re going to try and monitize this video? Five grand is a hell of a “proof of concept” project.
Comment by Brock Meeks 09.20.08 @ 11:46 pm”

This got my mind rolling…  Some may wonder if two little $ signs flashed in my eyes – but the truth is a light bulb flashed above my head.

Since this project has never been about making money, I asked myself… How can I pay this forward?  I then thought… What if I opened up a competition – to all of the best young (actually you don’t have to be young – you just need to have a “young” frame of mind)  filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, set designers, wardrobe, you name it – and produced the next short film?   If I pulled off the first film with 12 hours notice and a crew of four in 48 hours… imagine what WE could do with a really talented group and a real budget…

The idea:  Find the most talented people who are amped about what we can do with this camera.  Stay lean and mean – no Hollywood primadonnas, nothing excessive.  The whole point of the camera is lean, mean, fast-paced shooting, with a lot of thought beforehand but a HUGE willingness to experiment during the shoot.  We won’t spend 4 hours to pre-light… 40 seconds to 10 minutes is more like it.    If we need to wait 3 days for the perfect light we can (for one of the key shots that is – not every shot!!!)  We can have fun editing & relaxing as we wait, as opposed to being stressed because we have a crew of 100 burning huge budgets and getting antsy…

We’ll be completely independent from the major film studios. Free from anyone telling us what to shoot & what’s appropriate.  Free from product placement directives.  Free from PR companies or mind-numbing conglomerates to deal with.  It’s every filmmaker’s dream! 

If there’s anything this project has taught me so far – is that it’s OK to dream – in fact it BEGS YOU TO DREAM BIG.

If there are any other great, forward thinking companies that want to jump into this project now, please contact me (info below).  We’re open to a few more great sponsors, and the first to commit will have seniority.

If you’re a company with equipment, facilities, even airlines & hotels that are interested in sponsoring this grass roots movement of independent film making on a budget with revolutionary equipment, we’d love to hear from you.   If you have a product we can use in the making of this film – we are also very very interested – I will at the very least review it on this blog.  I believe an entirely new market is opening up for you.

So dream big guys!  I deleted two thirds of the praise I had for this camera and how I believe it will rock our industry in my initial blog post for the fear of sounding like it was a paid ad.  It REALLY was self-driven. 
This is the dawn of a new day, where one person can boogie a (revolutionary) camera from a major multinational corporation over a weekend, edit the video in under a day, and post it to his AppleTV and iPhone and the web for ZERO cost.  And get sponsored for a new project in less than 24 hours – I had an initial “handshake” commitment from SmugMug within 8 hours to be exact…

More details about this project will follow the launch of the upcoming short film – now less than 6-8 hours away (hint hint…)

Potential sponsors – or anyone who interested in letting us use their gear/software/accomodations/planes/helos/cars/submarines in the making of this next film:  Please e-mail me at:

production (at)

students/pros interested in being notified when more details become available (all responses will be kept strictly confidential – i.e. your boss won’t find out…) please e-mail me at:

contest (at)