Speak Up! – “The Cloud is Falling”

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One of the things I’d really like to accomplish with this blog is to start up an ongoing discussion on some of the themes and ideas I presented in the “Cloud is Falling” article.   I’ve already heard from a few hundred of you via e-mail – and it looks like a solid bet that there will be some sort of “workshop” or gathering as result – perhaps as early as this fall. 

I’ve already had some pretty excellent people offer to participate – editors, publishers, agents, and photographers – not to mention some of the authors behind the blogs that have influenced me…   (If you’re interested in being notified when this event launches (or being a participant – and hey – if you can host it please let me know)- pls fire off an e-mail to workshops (at) vincentlaforet.com – I’m keeping track of everyone who has responded so far.)

At this point – I’d like to open up the discussion here.   Just post a comment and we’ll go from there… this obviously isn’t a message board (which is probably a good thing) but there’s no reason we can’t have a good back and forth discussion as part of the comments thread that follows this post.

Here’s an article I read today that states that newspapers are being “killed,” because they’re no longer the best providers of “social currency.”   This is something I generally agree with – although I do think that this may indeed be one of the main driving forces behind the current exodus of “print” media readers – I also think that the executives, and many of the self-destructive cutbacks, buyouts, and layoffs they are making are also to blame – but I already went over that in the “Cloud” piece (at length 😉 )

So please – let’s hear what each and every one of you have to say.  I’d especially be interested in hearing not only from photographers – but from editors and publishers as well – even if you need to remain “anonymous” for obvious reasons.