“The Cloud is Falling” the Impetus behind this blog

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This is where this little blog started… on June 30th 2008, I decided to write a piece for my friend Bert Hanashiro’s site SportsShooter about the state of the photography business and where I saw it headed – titled “The Cloud is Falling.” You can read it here.   In it I talk about the economic pressures that all newspapers and magazines are facing, as well as the effect the web is having on the traditional media.   Many of my colleagues are losing their staff jobs by the hundreds, and freelancers around the globe are scrambling for work.  While the situation is pretty dire on the surface – I tried to point out how essential it is for all of us to think “out of the box” during these times – and to look for the next big thing.

The response to the article from photographers, photo editors, journalists and even publishers was overwhelming and has led me to start this blog… so here goes!